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Cool Dive Shirts from Artvisuell

One-of-a-kind Dive Shirts Designs made just for you!


We create unique Dive shirts, merch and gift designs for divers, freedivers and outdoor sports adventurers! A wide-range of artworks is showcased in this gallery and on our partnered print-on-demand platform company. We are a German-based couple with passion for nature, art, outdoor adventures, diving and photography, who hope to share this enthusiasm with you and find this same excitement through these designs.


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Shark - Come Here!

Shark – “come here”

Shark - Can you Please Scratch my Back? - Dive Shirts

Shark – “can you please scratch my back?”

a smiling Shark


a smiling Shark - Dive Shirts


Yoda with dive tank - Dive Shirts

Yoda – “may the air be with you”

Join the Dive Side

Join the dive side

32% Beertrox - Dive Shirts

32% Beertrox

32% Beertrox

32% Beertrox

Freediver - Dive Shirts

Freediver Woman

Fighting Fish Beta

Fighting Fish Beta

Neptun - Poseidon - Aquaman

Neptun – Poseidon – Aquaman



Yin Yang Mermaid - Dive Shirts

Yin Yang Mermaid

Shy Mermaid - Dive Shirts

Shy Mermaid

Cute little mermaid - Dive Shirts

Cute Mermaid

Cute Captain Jack Octopus

Captain Jack Octopus

Turtle riding a wave

Cute Turtle

Octopus on a wave - Dive Shirts

Cute Octopus

Dolphin riding on a wave

Cute Dolphin

Humpback Whale - Dive Shirts

Captain Jack Octopus

Octopus Gloo-Gloo - Dive Shirts

Cute Glo-Glo Octopus

Puffer Fish - Dive Shirts

Cute Puffer Fish with a Beer

Flippy Turtle - Coffee, Tea or Me?

Flippy Turtle

Octopus - Kids design

Cute Pink Octopus

Puffer Fish - Kids design - Dive Shirts

Cute Puffer Fish

Cute Shark - Kids design

Friendly Shark

Cute Whale - Kids design - Dive Shirts

Cute Whale


We bring new things to the small market of dive shirts. Nowhere else will you find so many crazy, cheeky and lovingly illustrated dive shirts designs like ours. Produced via Spreadshirt, in a high quality, better than many brand manufacturers. Even after many washes, they do not fade and accompany on beautiful and challenging dive trips.


We dive ourselves and know what is important. And we enjoy our dive shirts from Artvisuell and run around with them, ups, dive around with them. In the summer outside, in the winter in dive training facilities.

Stories behind the Dive T-Shirts Designs

Many of these designs inspired by our diving adventures in different countries.
If you are interested in reading these stories you can visit our website: UnderwaterMedia


The Designer

Tweet, the illustrator of the designs, can be found at Mint Creatives, Design Inc. and on her Instagram @tweet_mint. Almost every day there is something exciting new in design and illustrations to see.

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The source of inspiration of designs and where to shop

This is where you will see our gallery of photo stories and our online merch and gift shops. We also offer ArtVisuell Diving Calendars, which you can hang as a cool poster in your favorite room or your in you office; and ArtVisuell Posters printed by Spreadshirt.

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Your Artvisuell Team from Germany